The power of a conversation

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Melanie  •  4 Aug 2022   •  

What can one simple conversation do? Probably not much, you think and discount coaching as a solution to your challenge. You’ve never received a powerful coaching conversation. “I feel relieved. I feel understood and see that I’m not alone. I have more clarity and structure, to move forward.”

That’s what a powerful coaching conversation can achieve. It’s what my coachee said after yesterday’s session.

“I would have never believed that an hour of coaching can be so valuable. You’re really good in asking the right questions! I took action right into place yesterday. […] and I had lots of creative energy this morning.”

That’s what another coachee after the first session said.

A powerful coaching conversation can achieve this and more.

A powerful coaching conversation can:

  • take you from being stuck to moving forward with ease.
  • help you from being confused to seeing your challenge in a new light and seeing possibilities again.
  • help you to go from feeling alone to feeling understood, supported and empowered.

I’m a little surprised time and time again how much coaching helps people.

Receiving coaching has helped me tremendously in letting go of what no longer served me, designing the life and business I have, feeling empowered and happy, being able to do what I love and serving others by doing so.

In the past two years, I’ve seen how every coaching conversation transformed my coachees lives.

That’s why, I wish for more people to experience what coaching can do for them.

I want to live in a world where people are aware of their potential, let go of what’s standing in their way and use their power for good.

I’m curious to hear from you what some powerful conversations did for you.