There’s no such thing as talking too much

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StefaanDeVreese  •  21 Jun 2022   •  

At least not when you’re trying to grow your online business

And you don’t even have to use your voice

So we can already scratch that objection from the list

I get it, it’s uncomfortable

Having to talk all the time about yourself

You might feel like a fool

But going back to your comfort zone won’t bring you closer to your goal

Look, every business owner within the Titan Community wants a life of freedom

Freedom of location, time and money

And our Titans are getting there

If they go out there and consistently keep talking to potential customers

That’s when the magic happens

People will start noticing you

And if you apply the conversational chess moves we teach

It will feel easy AND genuine to help your future client to get on the zoom with you

Aahhhh the wonders of just talking to people

How easy it is to do

How hard it is to keep doing it

It’s true, eventually we want people to come to US automatically

But even if you’re running the best paid ads of the world

I would argue that just talking to people is still the best way to keep in touch with reality

Knowing what your customers want on a personal level is a superpower

So please, don’t stop talking

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to get started with these conversations

We’ve got you covered!

Our unique Social Seller Bootcamp within the Titan Community is perfect for you!

In just a couple of days you’ll discover our 5 step process that we use all the time to get new people on the call and convert to new customers

The next run of the bootcamp starts next monday June 27th

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