keni  •  21 Jul 2021

@jasonleow… Here are a few questions and thoughts with regard to lifelog:

  1. What is the difference in privileges for a paying and non-paying member?
  2. Is there a premium version?
  3. What are the needs of the most consistent writers?
  4. Does someone have to be a member to read a post? Medium for instance allows you to read a certain amount of posts before requiring payment. Just like most online newspapers.
  5. Has the product been advertised on Product Hunt? That’s where I first saw 200WaD.
  6. Could you do a featured writer/post that has a lot of engagement and share that on Twitter and FB to get traction?
  7. Since the goal of the site is to help people with their goals, could we have some type of a dashboard or visual representation of the most popular goals? It may help people understand what others are up to and be in the goals mindset.
  8. Is there a way for people with shared goals to interact with each other or share their tips and tricks with others. Maybe things like book recommendations? Sharing insights of things that worked?
  9. I usually come here to write, but if I felt like this is where I come to be encouraged about my goals, learn how to get better at achieving it and get a chance to share my achievements, that would attract many people like me to stick around. Some type of an accountability buddy/group.

These are just some thoughts after reading what you were going for. I hope that these help in gearing towards achieving them.