Treadmill Day 1

phaidenbauer  •  10 Jun 2024   •    

I have been using the new Treadmill “at work” (can you call home office that? 🙈). I had some research topics to do, so no “hard coding” work yet. And I must say it works quite well. I even tend to forget that I’m on a treadmill, luckily my feet kept walking instead of stopping. That probably would lead to an abrupt realisation.

I didn’t use it the whole day, though, as I noticed I will require running shoes to use with it. Walking with my house shoes (crocs) on it isn’t really possible, and only wearing socks made my soles hurt. Luckily, I should have a pair around, so I can continue that experiment on Wednesday, as I will be in the coworking space tomorrow.

But, my car is still in the garage, so I’ll get a nice morning wake up walk in.


Nice! I hope the days (weeks/months/years) to come are better and better!

haideralmosawi  •  10 Jun 2024, 8:12 pm

Curious to hear how it affects or not when you’re totally zoned in when coding!

jasonleow  •  10 Jun 2024, 11:08 pm

@haideralmosawi I hope so too :)

@jasonleow Will report as soon as there is something to report :)

phaidenbauer  •  11 Jun 2024, 1:32 pm

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