Tuesday Workspace

andrewtsao  •  22 Jun 2022   •  

Ever since a coaching client told me that they have a co-working office space where they open it up for founders and builders in their community to come to use specifically on Tuesday, I’ve been taking advantage of it every week. After I’ve been working in the comfort of my home office for such a long time, it’s been an interesting experiment to work out of a co-working office again and it made me realize a few things:

  1. Space doesn’t really dictate productivity for me: many people in NYC often talk about how they need to get out of the house to go to a nearby cafe or even rent a WeWork seat in order to get into a different environment and get in the groove of working productively. That isn’t really the case for me. I have conditioned myself and have built my home environment to support the things I want to do, which includes needing to be productive on a daily basis. It’s a good reminder of how much intention and design I’ve put around my physical workspace.
  2. I don’t miss “floating” desks: If you’ve ever worked in any coworking space or any kind of startup environment, chances are you’re used to an open table layout with everyone floating around taking up whatever table that is available. This was really awesome when I was jumping around from place to place or the job required me to be up on my feet. But now that my main job is coaching on a daily basis, I find the comfort of being in my own home, with my webcam and even access to the little things I need, like my art book, brings me a level of comfort and stability that these co-working space no longer can give me; no matter how open or fancy they may be.
  3. A hybrid remote work life gives a good change of pace: despite all the negative aspects of working in a co-working space vs working from my home office, I am often aware of how privileged I am to have the skillset and the capacity to create a business where I can do things virtually. The best thing about having these Tuesday office space that I always take advantage of is that it gives me good reasons to step into a different environment. It gives me a good reason to travel to a part of the city that I no longer visit as often and get a chance to walk around and soak in a part of the city once a week.