Weekend Week 37 2023 over

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knight  •  17 Sept 2023   •    

I had some plans for the weekend, but unfortunately, I couldn’t complete everything. I did make great progress on my Flutterflow project, though. I managed to fix some web/PWA issues and created custom widgets for my personal use after a few attempts. Dart is still quite complex for me, and AI didn’t provide much assistance in building what I needed.

My Adalo component progress also came to a halt. An idea that I thought would be simple to implement failed to find a suitable library to use, which is why there is still no component for this purpose. I’ll set it aside for now.

Lastly, the AI portion didn’t make much headway either. After completing the first two tasks, I was almost out of energy. Fortunately, there wasn’t much from the kids this weekend. Oh, and it appears that another weekend has come and gone.


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