When you're uncomfortable

andrewtsao  •  18 Sept 2023   •    

When you’re feeling uncomfortable
There is so much happening internally.
Your body may tense up
You may play with your fingers
You may inch forward to be nearby someone so you don’t feel left out
And you may also keep sipping on that beverage or drink you’re holding in your hand.

In this discomfort,
I’m learning to sit with it.
To let it simmer, and to let that feeling permeate my whole body
Until I realize that the discomfort is teaching me something
It’s telling me areas where I’m still afraid
And through it, I see a potential way out.
And it’s always not that thing that I previously go to
To get rid of the discomfort. But that option
That fully embraces it.

Today I embraced some discomfort. And I feel proud for doing so. Onwards!


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