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🥚 First post Breaking the zero sounds simple but it's the hardest step of starting. Well done!

🎰 7 in a row A 1 week streak is a great start, and a good sign of more to come! Keep going and join TeamStreak at Day 30.

🔥 TeamStreak A 30-day unbroken streak gets you into TeamStreak! Mafia boss for TeamStreak @therealbrandonwilson will walk you through the perks.

💎 1 year club Now you're hardcore! If a 1-year unbroken streak didn't stop you, what else will?

🎖 1000 day club You are legend now. Nothing's gonna stop you.

✍️ 30 posts You've written the equivalent of a month's worth of posts! Definitely a milestone worth celebrating.

💬 Ringleader 100 comments makes you a community leader here at Lifelog. Thanks for being the life of the party!

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