100% sleep score II

jasonleow  •  13 Apr 2023   •    

Hit 100% sleep score again! My second time ever. But I kinda brute forced into it by sleep in for 9.5h due to a bad bout of seasonal flu. I definitely needed the rest.

But getting 100 again just re-demonstraed to me again that despite all the sophisticated sleep biohacking techniques and tools I use, the fundamentals of great sleep can be super simple: Just sleep enough hours. Well at least one of the fundamentals.

Do that, and many of the other sleep hacks are just secondary and complementary, like these recent ones I learned:

  • A 10-20min nap or non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) have both been shown to replenish physical energy and increase cognitive function. NSDR, however, also increases striatal dopamine and improves one’s self-directed relaxation ability, which in turn improves sleep. Source: Andrew Huberman. I always naps were better than NSDR, but looks like this NSDR thing could be worth practising more in.

  • How the cultural practice of couples sleeping in the same bed is way overrated. We should normalise having sleep arrangements that work for individuals sleep profiles/patterns while not moral guilt-tripping couples into thinking that’s bad for romance/relationship. Source: r/sleep.

  • How a sleep-optimised day looks like:

    • Regular waking time
    • Get morning sun
    • get morning exercise
    • Caffeine shut off point around 2pm
    • View evening sun
    • Dark mode, limit screentime
    • Keep bedroom cool
    • Regular bedtime
    • 8h of sleep
  • Cognitive impairment from sleep deprivation is like drinking alcohol. “One night of low-quality sleep impairs your brain function as if you had a few drinks –– and if you go a full night without sleep, your mental performance drops as if you had a blood alcohol content of 0.10, which is well over the legal limit for driving.” Source: Dave Asprey.

  • Interesting new sleep supplement stack, which I only tried magneisum so far:

    • Theanine for focus and sleep
    • Inositol for relaxation and deep sleep
    • Magnesium for sleep latency, reduces sleep awakening and increases melatonin
    • Glycine for lower body temperature, sleep latency and better quality sleep
  • My own sleep stack recently had evolved:

    • 💤 5 sleep cycles nightly
    • 🍽 Light/no dinner
    • 🚰 Less water in evenings
    • 💊 Magnesium L-Threonate
    • 🏋️ Getting the body tired enough - exercise
    • ☢️ Quantum sleep
    • 😪 Less stress
    • ⚓️ Stable routines
  • Sleeping after midnight is bad. “Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight.” Source: Time.com


All good stuff. 😴

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