A tweet a day

jasonleow  •  21 Sept 2022   •  

I recently switched over to just one tweet a day. And I must say, I’m surprised that it’s so enjoyable.

There’s always something about the elegant simplicity of one. An apple a day keeps the doc away. All-in-one. Hole in one. In one fell swoop. One in a million. One for all all for one. When one door closes another one opens. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The One.

Just one tweet a day has that same elegant simplicity.

I’ve always felt that if I were to start over on Twitter with zero followers, tweeting once a day would be my approach. Now I’m back full circle.

One a day also has that compelling habit-building ring to it. It just feels easy hearing it. Just one day one tweet! Amongst habit-building hacks, keeping the barrier as low as possible is one of my top favs. We have 100 words a day on Lifelog. James Clear talked about going to the gym to do just one rep. Just one tweet a day is a great inner accountability contract to maintain the long game. Even though I’ve been tweeting daily for more than a year now (I lost count), audience-building is a long, infinite game, and anything to help with sustaining the journey is worth it.

To make the long game even more sustainable, I use the thoughtful replies I reply to other accounts as tweets themselves. This way, I got my tweets queued up one month ahead! I found the right flywheel where I can keep the tweets flowing without feeling like I’m over-stretching or stressing myself.

And the best part: After doing 2, 3 or more tweets per day, one a day feels easy. And when a game is in easy mode, I have more bandwidth to fool around and have more fun doing Twitter (instead of feeling like it’s a job sometimes). I can shitpost or joke around more. I have more capacity to deepen relationships. I have more time to learn from others.

Because ultimately that’s what I’m on Twitter for - relationships, learning, play.

Instead of feeling like I’m working for Twitter.