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jasonleow  •  2 Apr 2024   •    

I finally unboxed Moona, that temperature-controlled pillow I bought from way back in 2021!

I might have never unboxed it if not for my AC breaking down during what’s one of the hottest days in Singapore – UV Index going to extreme levels like 12 (the scale only goes to 11), and temperatures as high as 35ºC and humidity like being in a sauna all day. I guess I never needed it in the first place because my AC worked fine and well.

But the most annoying part, Moona the company had actually shut down middle last year. I didn’t even know! But thankfully the pillow still works without the app.


  • Setting up without the app was a little challenging, but with the paper manual I got through it.
  • It’s actually not all that cold. I set it to the lowest temperature setting at 18ºC, but it’s just cool, not cold.
  • The hose that comes with the pillow gets a little cumbersome to deal with, and the power cord isn’t long. You’ll really need a bedside power point to make it work.
  • Without the app, I didn’t know how to set the degault time it switches off on its own. The pillow does that to use rising temps as a way to wake you up. But now I find myself waking up to switch it back on at some ungodly hour.
  • Biggest surprise so far: Lying down on it on my upper back worked better than on my head. And surprisingly, I tossed and turned a lot less. That actually made me sleep slightly better! Maybe this has to do with my hot sleeper profile. Even with AC on, my back and head would get too warm, so I switch to sleeping on my sides throughout the night, making me wake up, toss and turn, leading to poorer sleep quality. The cool pillow (it’s actually flat) on my back made me toss less, if not at all!


It’s a lot less colder than I assumed. But it worked surprisingly better than I assumed (once I shifted it to my back). My AC’s getting fixed today, but I might continue the experiment of using it even with the AC switched on, to test if it helps me toss less. If so, that would be a great insight into my sleep needs, and to consider something bigger like Chilipad or EightSleep!


I like the idea of a temperature-controlled pillow, but I need a supportive, comfortable pillow first before I’m on board with cooling. I look forward to reading more feedback. I’m still a big fan of the Ooler, even though it’s been off through the winter.

therealbrandonwilson  •  2 Apr 2024, 11:32 pm

Cooled pillow sounds interesting. I’ll have a look what’s on the market. :)

phaidenbauer  •  3 Apr 2024, 8:44 am

@therealbrandonwilson Yes this goes with any pillow actually. It’s just a flat-ish layer to place on top of your own pillow.

Update: I tried it with my AC on, and it got too icey haha. So it works! Just not on its own in 35º heat that’s all.

jasonleow  •  4 Apr 2024, 2:24 am

@phaidenbauer Let us know if you find any! If you look for cooled mattress cover, search for Eight Sleep, or Chilipad

jasonleow  •  4 Apr 2024, 2:25 am

I had a look at them, at that price I can (almost) get an AC unit installed 🙈

phaidenbauer  •  5 Apr 2024, 8:44 am

I like that you’re contemplating the value of a good night’s sleep. 🛌 😴

therealbrandonwilson  •  5 Apr 2024, 4:34 pm

@phaidenbauer Yeah they can be viable replacements for ac units. And apparently more cost savings too, because it’s easier to cool the in the mattress/pillow than the air in the whole room

jasonleow  •  13 Apr 2024, 9:34 pm

@jasonleow I do understand that, but it wouldn’t cool the office part of my apartment 🙈. I activated my movable AC yesterday, luckily it still works fine, so I’ll stick to that for now.

phaidenbauer  •  14 Apr 2024, 2:14 pm

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