Am I overdoing it?

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haideralmosawi  •  12 Oct 2021

A Ness Labs community member is suggesting a writing challenge and I’m eager to join the challenge, in addition to all the writing I’m currently doing. 🤣

I actually want to write a lot more so taking these challenges and commitments on is helping me write more and in a way that’s supportive of others and contributes to my community.

This writing challenge is also intended for bigger writing projects and I’m looking to write a few ebooks I’ve been putting off for years now! I’m already making progress with my online course so this will likely not interfere with my bigger goals.

I really hope I can maintain my commitment to writing even beyond my personal sabbatical. 😃


Wow, great to see you’re pushing the envelope. Seems like everyone is doing this now - @therealbrandonwilson with his newsletter, @keni with her writing competition and classes, @andrewtsao just write about wanting to be more succinct, me tripling my publishing volume.

Feels like we’re gaining momentum from our writing here, and it’s seeping into other aspects of our work!

jasonleow  •  13 Oct 2021, 2:13 am

Haider Inc is blowing up!

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therealbrandonwilson  •  13 Oct 2021, 2:24 am

Very True!!! It is so true that the company you keep affects you profoundly!

keni  •  13 Oct 2021, 3:27 am

@jasonleow Wohoo! Happy to see this! Best of luck my fellow writing buddies! @therealbrandonwilson @keni @andrewtsao 😍

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haideralmosawi  •  13 Oct 2021, 7:30 am