Analog weekly recaps

jasonleow  •  14 May 2022   •  

I’m trying out something new recently - analog weekly recaps.

I would take time alone (rare occasion since becoming a dad) for 2-3 hours, head out with only my notebook and pen, without my laptop, and have coffee at some cafe to review the week.

I’ll then do two things:

  1. Write down the past week’s opportunities and ideas so that I won’t forget to explore them.
  2. Quick self check-in using these questions:

• What’s adding energy?
• What’s draining energy?
• Why truly moved the needle? Am I on, or off course?
• What needs to be reduced or removed?

This had been truly instructive and useful.

For this week’s recap which I did yesterday:

• What’s adding energy? - Coding Sheet2Bio!
• What’s draining energy? - Being out too often
• Why truly moved the needle? Am I on, or off course? - Off course on making money, opportunities/luck
• What needs to be reduced or removed? - Too much Twitter in morning.

I realised I’m still stuck in marketing mode (when I was actively marketing Lifelog), spending almost all my time in the early morning replying and crafting tweets on Twitter. But while that’s still important to do daily, replying tweets isn’t quite deep work and that doesn’t truly move the needle for me now. I’m off course. I should be spending that deep work time making real progress on needle-moving work. So Twitter time needs to be reduced, and also relocated to the afternoon.

And so I course-corrected, and I spent my morning today finishing up the remaining tasks for my second SaaS - Sheet2Bio! It’s now ready, and all I need to do now is to launch and market it. Spending my deep work mornings doing what truly moves the needle feels so good! I felt like I completed and accomplished something substantial (unlike Twitter where you’re never done), and got back that productive feeling of having done my most important work for the day in the morning.