April 2024 goals

jasonleow  •  1 Apr 2024   •    

April’s going to be rhyme the same way as March – busy busy busy. But it’s also the month when my existing consulting projects finish up. And so far, nothing much planned for May.

So it’ll be busy, but the finish line is in sight.

The more important question – what happens after it ends?

But come what may after April?

I just want to finish well for my consulting projects, and hopefully with them being done well, it seeds more follow-up projects. That’s the hope. I still need more projects to keep the runway going, even while I find more permanent solutions to the financial pickle.

But honestly, beyond just hoping for consulting projects and putting in job applications, I still don’t have a solution…

No new product in progress.
No viable business ideas.
No quick wins in sight.

So if there’s one mission for April, it would be to come up with something new to start in May.

Start hunting.
Start observing.
Start tinkering.



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