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therealbrandonwilson  •  18 Sept 2023   •    

Today was the last day of the Biomed Expo, but since I didn't take tomorrow off, I had to drive back home today. I didn't hear any of the speakers today. After I checked out of my room, I dropped by the expo hall to get a few more pictures. I started my newsletter in the morning, and I finished it this afternoon when I arrived home.

These recap newsletters are always challenging to write. I have to figure out how to weave together the topics in a concise way. There's always a lot of info left on the cutting room floor. At least I'll have future newsletters to cover topics in detail.

I'm not planning to deviate from biohacking for Be Wellthy. I do feel like alien talk is a popular topic, and I might have an interest down the road in starting another newsletter. I will resist the urge. One of the vendors, the Red Laser Guy, gave me the advice to focus on one main thing. You can always expand after you get momentum going, but if you scatter your attention too wide, you aren't going to be successful with any of the spinning plates. Great advice from someone who has been a lifelong entrepreneur. 


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