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therealbrandonwilson  •  4 Aug 2022   •  

When I finish today’s post, I will boot up the Oculus for some ping pong. I haven’t played since Saturday. I woke up Sunday morning with my lower back tweaked for some reason. I could barely lean forward. The only thing I can think of is I did something during my stretch appointment, which I didn’t feel until the next day. I had a massage yesterday that helped work out some of the muscle soreness.

I have a couple of friends on there whom I only know because we see each other on the game. They are closely matched with me, so it’s great to play people of similar skill level in a casual atmosphere without always gunning to win. The problem with the ranked matches is I typically get paired with someone who is ranked several hundred points higher, and of course, they are out to just get the W. There are occasions where I squeeze out a victory, which suggests our rankings are off or maybe I got lucky or he had a bad game. Either way, I have learned to tame my competitive edge, and even though it annoys me to lose, I don’t pay much attention because that’s not why I’m playing.