Biomed Expo Day 2 Recap

therealbrandonwilson  •  16 Sept 2023   •    

I cannot remember the last time I was exposed to so much new information in such a short period of time. That's my one-sentence summary of day 2 of the Biomed Expo.

I had a great conversation with Joe Blanton, who calls himself the "Red Laser Guy." He demonstrated a red infrared laser pen on my hands for 2-3 minutes each. Laser therapy takes red light therapy to a new level because it is coherent light directed into an intense beam of a single frequency. Joe's laser is unique in that it also makes use of sacred geometry frequency patterns. All I know is I felt a difference in my hands immediately, and the effect lasted for several hours. I was sold and put in an order for one. You can read more about the device here

I also talked with representatives from Echo, a company that sells devices that create hydrogen water. I was familiar with molecular hydrogen in the form of tablets that dissolve in water. Our bodies (specifically our guts) make hydrogen, but when our gut is disrupted, we lose the ability to make hydrogen, which has consequences for all body systems. Echo manufactures an appliance that goes under the sink to provide hydrogen water on tap. They also have a travel bottle that produces hydrogen water. You can search this website for any disease or ailment and see clinical research that demonstrates the beneficial effects of hydrogen water. While I'd love to have a home system, I don't want to make a $2K+ investment since I expect to move in the next few years. I may just have to pull the trigger on the portable hydrogen water device.

I talked to someone who was selling orgonite products. This blend of resin, metal, and quartz crystals is supposed to harmonize negative energies. He used muscle testing to show me the difference with and without a pyramid in my hand. I know that muscle testing can be gamed by a charlatan, but I was convinced enough to pick up a pyramid.

Speaking of pyramids, I learned that the pyramid shape has some type of energetic power and frequency. The four-sided pyramids are the strongest. The material and orientation also influence the power. There are pyramids throughout the world, and they were built not as tombs but as devices to generate energy and facilitate far communication.

I saw a very interesting talk by author/researcher Brad Olsen about giants. He has uncovered quite a bit of evidence that I had never seen before. You won't see any of it in the Smithsonian, though, because there is some cover-up. The evidence seems pretty clear that bones/bodies of giants have been discovered in various countries around the world. The small ones were eight or nine feet tall, and the larger ones were fifteen feet or more. Anyone who takes the Bible literally will recognize that giants first appeared in Genesis 6 and were called the Nephilim, which were hybrid beings created by "fallen angels" who came to the earth and procreated with human women.

I attended a panel discussing the secret "Super Soldier" programs undertaken by the US government. It was hard for me to follow the discussion because the panelists talked about having "avatars," and being "off-world," and having the ability to instant travel to other planets and galaxies and even other universes. There was talk of going into different dimensions, time travel, and different timelines. Apparently, all the tech in Star Trek is actually real. 

I was able to talk 1-1 with some of the authors and experts. One of them said we did land on the moon. The most recent evidence was pictures taken by the latest Indian moon lander of some of the Apollo equipment left behind. Of course, the flat earth topic came up. The general consensus is that the earth is a holographic illusion, and depending on which dimension you see it from, the shape will appear different. So technically, it is flat if you are looking at it in two dimensions like a piece of paper. Supposedly the real shape of the earth is a dodecahedron, a 12-sided polyhedron encased in two hemispheres. 

Again, another day of crazy new information that I'm still trying to process.



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