Biomed Expo Day 3 Recap

therealbrandonwilson  •  17 Sept 2023   •    

Wow, I'm not sure how much more my brain can take. Today was another information-packed day. 

I connected with some true biohackers and realized I could talk about biohacking for hours and in fact, I did. I talked to one guy who was telling me about his far infrared sauna, which is a home set-up that you can pack into a bag and travel with. I tried it out, and it got pretty toasty. 

I had a lengthy consultation with a former actress who operates software that can detect frequencies anywhere in the body through a pair of headphones. The software can then identify the appropriate frequencies to beam into the body to correct various issues. I was absolutely blown away by how specific this technology is. I guess Tesla was right; everything is energy, vibration, and frequency.

I listened to a fascinating talk about Dr. Sam, who has been studying the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia. This one is actually the largest pyramid in the world. His team was also the first to take various measurements of the pyramid to verify that it is generating energy at certain frequencies. Dr. Sam believes that the pyramids were not built by primitive people but perhaps "ancient aliens." Whoever they were, they had knowledge of technology that had been lost. 

There was more alien talk, but there was also a lot of uplifting talk about love and forgiveness. I appreciate the speakers and the people I've met at this conference. This one is going to be a tough one to summarize, but I'll leave that task to tomorrow. Tonight, it's time to head to downtown Vegas for some food and a bit of gambling.


I was sold on “ancient aliens” 😂 Sounds like a lovely conference! Wished they all came here to Singapore!

jasonleow  •  17 Sept 2023, 3:10 am

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