Blood pressure

therealbrandonwilson  •  8 Jun 2023   •    

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my 20s. The doctors never explored any root causes. They prescribed a pill, and I took it for many years. It was cheap–about $10 for a 90-day supply. It lowered my blood pressure, and I didn’t have any side effects (that I knew about). I asked the doctors how long I’d have to take the prescription. They said as long as my blood pressure remained high, which could be the rest of my life.

I fell for the advice to reduce sodium intake, which is why I was shocked to learn that I would supplement with 5g of sodium per day when I was placed on a medically-supervised ketogenic diet. I was on blood pressure medicine at the time, and I double-checked the advice with the clinic. Yep, drink two cups of bullion a day and salt everything. I was also instructed to take a magnesium supplement.

On a ketogenic diet, I was peeing a lot, losing weight, and my blood pressure went down. It got to where I would get light-headed when I stood up. They cut the dose of my medicine in half. My blood pressure was still going down to the point where I was finally off the medication, and I’ve never taken it since.

When I started gravitating toward diabetes again, my weight and blood pressure started going back up. My current doctor recommended a supplement instead of a prescription, but I now believe I don’t require any medicine or targeted supplement to control my blood pressure.

For the last couple of weeks, my blood pressure has been lower than its ever been. I just checked it this morning: 111/77. I’m still about 30 lbs from my target weight. What explains my blood pressure control? High-quality salt and other minerals. Give the body the raw materials, and it knows what to do with them unless you have some maladies that are interfering with the process.


@therealbrandonwilson It’s always in the drug company’s self interest for a condition to become chronic. They’ve learned to stop looking for cures.

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