Butt in seat

haideralmosawi  •  18 Mar 2023   •    

While I can do a lot away from my laptop, a lot of my work and habit reminders comes from my laptop. Perhaps I should have an app that I use on both my laptop and my mobile phone so that I’m reminded of my habits while I’m out and about, especially over the weekend.

Unfortunately, I use TaskPaper (a Mac software) and rely on my open tabs to remind me of the tasks and habits I want to get done. I would have probably lost my streak had I not opened up my laptop late at night to do some digital tidying up.

I need to dedicate time on my laptop every day to ensure I don’t allow habits falling through the cracks. Not only that, but I need to dedicate time for deep work (that’s usually creating content for me) on a daily basis to ensure I’m making progress in the areas of my life that deserve my attention the most.

How do you ensure you stick to your habits? Do you a mobile reminders? Environmental reminders? An inner drive to get some routines in? Or do you ensure you always spend time on your laptop every day?


I use the Streaks app on the iPhone.

therealbrandonwilson  •  18 Mar 2023, 8:07 pm

I set daily reminder using the iPhone Reminders app. Even to write (yes even after 800 days!). I think it can be synced across desktop and phone? What I love about it is it is persistent on my lockscreen until i clear it. I also schedule messages to myself in Telegram for one off reminders.

jasonleow  •  19 Mar 2023, 12:17 am

@therealbrandonwilson Oh, a fine choice!

@jasonleow I should really make better use of the Reminders app. I rely heavily on WhatsApp for communication and note-taking, but notifications/reminders/tasks are all on the Mac

haideralmosawi  •  19 Mar 2023, 11:04 am