Creating a deck of cards

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Winkletter  •  21 Sept 2022   •  

I’ve started messing around today with the storytelling card deck I want to publish with a print-on-demand model. With Stable Diffusion it should be ridiculously easy to create something that looks fantastic.

I’ve just created a single card mock-up in Canva using four different elements I generated with Stable Diffusion.

  • A background design which would be repeated for each card.
  • An individual card image. I would need to create 54 of these in a similar style.
  • The two circular backgrounds for the card suit and card value, here the Ace of Diamonds.

Theme Stated card

There’s still a bit of work to do, but a tool like Stable Diffusion makes a project like this manageable for someone like me who wouldn’t have the resources to hire someone to design and create the image files.

Not only can I afford the art assets, but I can afford to try out lots of assets that I can throw out.

I even used Stable Diffusion to generate designs for collectible cards that I used to think about how I wanted the overall layout to look. I saved 50 designs to a folder that I browsed as I was deciding how to arrange the parts of the card.

This is another example of how this tool will enable human creativity.