Delay of neck relief

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therealbrandonwilson  •  23 Jul 2021

On July 3rd, I ordered a device that I was hoping would help me with my neck. It provides traction to help extend the neck and support the natural curvature. It also has heat therapy and electrostimulation. Unfortunately, it has not arrived yet. I finally sent an inquiry to the customer service email to see I hear anything.

Other than stretching some throughout the day, I haven’t done much else for my neck. It’s been worse, so my stretching and attention have paid off. But it is not where I’d like it to be.

I remember one time being in a meeting years ago and there was a woman in attendance who could not move her neck at all. It was as if she was frozen in a position, and in order to face anyone, she had to either move her entire torso or rotate the chair in order to see the person. At first, I thought it resembled a joke from a skit because it seemed so exaggerated. I later found out that she had suffered some injury due to a car accident and was lucky she was not paralyzed. Lucky indeed. Thankfully, I am not recovering from some major catastrophe, just the minor daily grind of sitting.