Focus on energy

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jasonleow  •  26 Jan 2021

Following up on yesterday’s post about the important trifecta of sleep, food and exercise, @keni made an insightful comment about how the the first principle underlying all three is actually energy.

That’s so true! Energy is the first mover indeed. Any great insight worth it’s greatness always shows us the deeper, more fundamental explanation to how thing behave, and this is an excellent example. And great insights serve to expand our view and show even more possibilities and opportunities, despite zooming in with more depth. Because now I can think of more things I should consider and do that would give me more energy, besides sleep, food, and exercise.

I could probably reframe and expand food to be consumption in general, to include other forms of consumption like media, conversations, ideas, or even thoughts/opinions of others. Consumption provides energy, or takes energy. Ever felt exhausted after spending time with someone toxic? There, that’s energy lost. Upset and unable to do anything else after arguing with trolls online? Energy better spent elsewhere in the first place.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

If we think if sleep as restoring energy, then we can think about rest in general, and ways to rest during waking hours of daily life, or work in more restful, calm ways that’s less ‘wasteful’, or set up a physical environment that’s more restorative and less stressful.

And if we think of exercise as a way to expand our energy reserves, then it’s not just about active movement like working out in the gym or running, but also more passive ways like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises.

So, from the trifecta of sleep, food and exercise, to the singularity that is energy, where sleep, food and exercise become ways to provide, restore and expand energy respectively.

This is why I love writing here. Everyone helping everyone else get better with their thinking, through words.


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therealbrandonwilson  •  26 Jan 2021, 12:59 pm

I love this post and the related post from yesterday. These are the types of principles that have compounding results. Keep this up!!

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keni  •  27 Jan 2021, 12:05 am

@therealbrandonwilson will do! :)

@keni compounding posts about compounding habits! How meta haha

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jasonleow  •  27 Jan 2021, 11:01 am