How to launch products over a weekend

jasonleow  •  21 Sept 2023   •    

Tony’s story is inspiring. It’s just been 2 years since he started fulltime on indie hacking, and he’s already earning a average monthly revenue of $45k/month.

What struck me about his AMA was this reply:

My first project failed because I over-think and over-engineered it. I worked on it for 3+ months and never launched.

My next products:
@devutils_app took ~2 months to launch

@blackmagic_so took about 1 week to launch.

@XnapperHQ took about 3 days to launch.

@TypingMindApp took 2 days to launch.

The first versions of my products are always very VERY simple with only 1 feature.

Love how the time taken shaves off exponentially-ish!

But I wonder: Does this assume a certain level of coding competency to start with? I understand Tony’s already a very experienced developer due to his previous job. Or can this be done even by someone inexperienced?

I ask because I want to be able to do this - launch in days! Over a weekend!

But feels like I need to get 10x better at coding. Or get smarter at scoping down MVPs.

Getting better at coding takes time. I’m self taught, was never a professional enterprise deveveloper. At best I got 2-3 years of occasional coding. How much longer does it take to get to that level?

Or is the trick to go for the latter – learning how to scope down MVPs?

I think being disciplined enough to simplify a MVP down to its single core feature is a skill. It’s always easy to fall into the trap of an ever-expanding feature list, thinking that the product’s minimum is that. “Just one more feature…” is the bane of many an indie hacker. Perfectionism, fear of failure.

What else can I do to get there? Just to write to think:

Building single feature MVPs
Repurposing code
Making boilerplates
Buying/using boilerplates
Decide on a tech stack and stick to it
Creating personal mini code libraries
Learning to use AI well for code
Using nocode or low code tools
Build interesting things
Play to my strengths and skills, not my weaknesses
Choose an idea I can build in a weekend
Choose an idea/problem that I’m already familiar with
Choose an idea where I know a community hangs out, to get feedback on
Choose an idea where I can actively help people, because I succeed when I help others

Above all, ship more! I need more practice!