How to procrastinate on 9 products at once and still get sh*t done

jasonleow  •  13 May 2022   •  

One of the best things about running a portfolio of 10 different active products:

When I procrastinate on one, I switch to another.

Procrastination never felt more productive. In fact, can we even call that procrastination anymore?

For context and proof, here’s my 10:

  5. 5am club
  10. Writing cohort based course

+ some social good apps for COVID

It’s about trusting and following your energy

But to be honest, I find there’s still so much to learn when it comes to following my energy and to just simply switch without care when I procrastinate, because it’s so counter to the typical “focus and follow your plan/goals” approach.

So it does take practice. It’s a skill we can all learn and get better at, this ‘productive’ way of procrastinating.

Procrastination might be signalling something deeper

But once you learn to listen to your energy, there’s a deeper, more counterintuitive signal to procrastination that comes up: The very procrastination is a clue that something is off. That whatever I want to work on might not be what I want to do, or what is effective. Procrastination your higher self stalling yourself. Switching context to another project and taking the time away is a good way to help us get some perspective and come around to seeing it clearly. That what you thought you should have done might not work as well as what you feel you must do.

I almost always procrastinate because of ambiguity or a belief that what I am about to work on in this one product will be a waste of time. – @LBacaj

Procrastination can also signal rest is needed

But sometimes I procrastinate on all my products. That happens when I feel a burnout coming. I know then that rest is in order. Switching context can only go so far. Sometimes procrastination signals rest, sometimes it signals that switching context is needed. It depends. Comes down to how it feels.

It’s all about managing energy, ultimately. Procrastination, prioritization, productivity. All energy at the base.

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