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I updated my Twitter profile bio again. The last time I did that was in May when I launched Sheet2Bio, so that update was focused on marketing it. But this time, the update is more close to heart. It’s about how I want to project myself in a more authentic way, what others to see me as. My own personal brand, but in a way that’s more aligned and congruent to how I see myself.

This is what the updated bio looks like now:

Indie solopreneur creating a diverse portfolio of products & services to $5k/m:


Here to make friends. DMs open.

📍 0 ■■■■■□□□□□ $200 MRR 🔗 sheet2bio.com/jason

I decided to highlight a few new things:

indie solopreneur – It used to be “indie hacker”, “indie maker” or “creator”. But hacking is more software-related and I don’t just do software, I also do info products and services. Creator feels like it’s more content-related, which isn’t 100% true for me either. Being an internet entrepreneur is more accurate, and running solo is how I like it. So “solopreneur”. I generally cringe at made up words like that, but I see this becoming more common and being used by folks like @thejustinwelsh and @levelsio who I look up to, so I did.

diverse portfolio of products & services – I’ve always wanted to better reflect the breadth of my work. I have many products that I don’t show in my bio. I used to never talk about my design consulting business Outsprint on Twitter, because none of my target audience for Outsprint is on Twitter. But now I’m increasingly sharing more of it too, and there’s curiosity for sure, because so many indies also freelance at the side. I think this just better shows who I really am as a creative professional, not just pigeonholed as a SaaS/writing guy for sake of convenience on Twitter.

$5k/m – My goal for ramen profitability. $5000 monthly revenue overall (recurring plus one-time). This had always been my goal, but I stopped it sometime back thinking that setting a smaller target $200 MRR would help with my motivation. It didn’t really work. I don’t need that now as I’m set on the long game. I no longer don’t care. I can just set it back to $5k. Problem with a monthly goal is that some of my business—like consulting—isn’t based on a monthly revenue model. Should it be annual revenue (recurring + one-time) instead then? This might need more tweaks…

• Showing my top 3 products which I want to share with Twitter audience. Left out services like Outsprint because of character constraint in the bio (LinkedIn is its main distribution channel anyway). Will have to lean on the link-in-bio for that.

Here to make friends. DMs open. – I learned this line from @jakobgreenfeld, how it helps him increase his luck surface area. I love it! It also better reflects why I’m on Twitter. It’s true - I’m there for the connections, to make friends, to learn together, support each other.

My Sheet2Bio link-in-bio page – That’s in line with showing all the products in my portfolio, so will continue to use it.


My progress bar and metric – MRR no longer makes sense because it’s more for indie hackers running SaaS businesses, so it doesn’t capture the portfolio aspect of my work. Maybe the $5k/m? But that would face the same issues I mentioned about having a monthly revenue metric. Perhaps annual revenue target of $60k/y? More to ponder. Hmmm. 🤔

My Twitter banner – right now it still shows my launch banner for Sheet2Bio. I want to change that soon, to reflect this new change to being a diversified indie solopreneur.

My Twitter name – right now it just says "Jason Leow’. I like that it’s simple and not trying to pitch anything. Long Twitter names pitching your product can feel too in your face sometimes. But I still think it’s valuable real estate on Twitter, because not everyone hovers my name to check my profile, or visit my profile page. So having the one thing I want to market in the name title is too good an opportunity to pass up. Will think through more.

My pinned tweet – The first piece of content anyone will see on my profile page. Right now it’s a log of Sheet2Bio progress. I should change that soon to something more dedicated to this rebrand.

What else can I do to optimise my Twitter profile?


Love the focus on authenticity!

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viking_sec  •  5 Aug 2022, 10:22 am

@viking_sec thanks!!

jasonleow  •  6 Aug 2022, 2:40 am

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