I've been sleeping on PEMF therapy

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I've known about pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for several years. I even wrote about grounding in June of 2021. I considered PEMF therapy and grounding as nice-to-have biohacks. I have now learned that Earth frequencies are far more important than I realized. Here are seven cellular benefits of Earth-based PEMFs.

  1. PEMF Recharges the trans-membrane potential (TMP) - Human cells are designed with cell membranes functioning as capacitors that can store electrons and voltage. They are effectively battery packs for the cells. Healthy cells have a measurable voltage from 70-100 millivolts. People with chronic illnesses have diminished cellular voltage (30-50 millivolts). Cancer patients displayed the lowest voltage at less than 15-20 millivolts. Ever wonder why you never hear of heart cancer? One reason is that heart cells have the highest voltage of any cells in the body (upwards to 90-100 millivolts). 
  2. PEMF increases ATP Production in the mitochondria - Mitochondria are the ancient bacteria that live within human cells and create energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When oxygen is available via aerobic respiration, 38 molecules of ATP can be produced from one unit of glucose or fatty acid. When oxygen is not available, anaerobic production creates only 2 ATP. Low-intensity PEMF within the 0-30 Hz range increases ATP synthesis in the mitochondria and enhances all pathways to increase oxygen absorption.
  3. PEMF enhances the sodium-potassium pump - Within the cell membrane, the sodium-potassium pump forces a ratio of three sodium ions out of the cell for every two potassium ions in for proper metabolism. This exchange results in a net positive charge on the outside of the cell, creating a voltage across the cell membrane that can store energy. 
  4. PEMF increases cellular pH - The human body operates within a narrow pH range of 7.25-7.35. Proper body pH is critical for good health. Your body takes calcium (an alkalizing mineral) from your bones to maintain a constant pH if your body is too acidic. All diseases occur from an acidic environment, so disease occurs when your voltage is low. 
  5. PEMF improves oxygen uptake and assimilation into cells - If you are lacking sufficient oxygen, your cells will revert to what is called the fermentation cycle, lactic acid cycle, or anaerobic respiration cycle. This leads to less energy and a more acidic body. It is not possible to have highly energized cells and an acidic body. Most bacteria and parasites are anaerobic and hate oxygen. Low-oxygen environments support the growth of these harmful organisms.
  6. PEMF lowers blood viscosity - When cellular voltage is low, the positive charge on the outside of the cell is diminished, allowing the cells to stick together and stack like coins. This is called the Rouleau effect. The effect inhibits the proper oxygenation of cells in multiple ways. The effect reduces the overall surface area of hemoglobin, making it difficult for freshly breathed oxygen to be stored and transported. In addition, the red blood cells do not circulate well to deliver oxygen where it is needed. The capillaries (where nutrients and oxygen are transferred to your cells) are so tiny that red blood cells can only pass through one at a time in a single file. The cells cannot get through capillaries if they are clumped together. PEMF increases the charge on the cells. Like charges repel, which keeps red blood cells circulating freely.
  7. PEMF allows for a healthy level of electroporation - Electroporation is the process of making cells more porous or open, allowing a better intake of nutrients, water, and oxygen into cells, and the removal of toxins and wastes from the cells. Think of electroporation like opening the windows and doors to air out a house. 

PEMF is literally a whole-body battery recharger, capable of energizing and "charging up" your 100 trillion cells with energy and life!


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Looks like I’m also sleeping on heading out to nature more, being barefoot and all.

jasonleow  •  20 Nov 2023, 4:11 am

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