March goals

jasonleow  •  1 Mar 2023   •    

I wanted to build build build in February, and I did it.

Now what?

March on, riding the momentum to keep building.

I’m not done yet. I feel a new season of aliveness. The mental health pivot I wrote about once in February was more important than it looks. Probably the most important thing that happened to me last month. Like a huge burden’s been lifted off my shoulders. So much so that even on poor sleep days, I get through it fine. Not that I want to get into the bad habit of sleeping late again. But it just goes to show just how much deadweight I was previously carrying. All the background inner processing that goes on when chronic stress and anxiety is there. Since the inner pivot, health haven’t been the same. It’s gotten way better! No more chronic ailments. It really was psycho-somatic.

I’ve been trying to run a marathon while pulling along an elephant.

No more.

F**k the elephant and every deadweight before that. Screw the self-imposed rules and limiting beliefs. The finger to other people’s opinions and influences.

Now, I am the f**king elephant and I’m gonna charge you down.

March on!


@jasonleow Just read the story about you and your family at the Carnival and it was really touching. I’m glad to hear you’re shedding some of the weight that you have been unconsciously carrying, it must have felt so liberating.

Loving the attitude. You got this 💪

andrewtsao  •  1 Mar 2023, 3:51 am

@andrewtsao Thanks for reading it Andrew! It’s nice to be seen. ☺️ Indeed. It’s wild how much baggage I was carrying. I didn’t even realise until it’s gone.

jasonleow  •  1 Mar 2023, 6:59 am

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