Massage time

therealbrandonwilson  •  20 Sept 2022   •    

I receive a scheduled massage every three weeks. I had to adjust my schedule the last month due to 40 Years of Zen and the Biohacking Conference, but happy that I’ve got my massage this afternoon. I will ask her to incorporate the Rapid Release Therapy device that I purchased at the conference to see how it complements her usual bodywork.

The Rapid Release technology uses high frequency with short stroke to direct therapeutic doses of vibration energy right on the target. Typical percussion massagers like the Hypervolt and Theragun have 3,000 striking percussions per minute vs. 10,000 for rapid release. Percussive tools work well on large muscle groups, but they tend to be less effective (and painful) for smaller muscles and sensitive areas. The Rapid Release technology can be used all over the body for effective treatment.

I experienced the power of this device first-hand at the biohacking conference, where I did a stretch session with the device. It is quite powerful, and I was even feeling the effects the next day. I will also take it to my stretch appointments on Saturday to complement my stretching sessions as well.


Fascinating! I’ve been nursing a really bad shoulder recently. The traditional Chinese medicine ‘chiropractor’ I go to seems to have worked, but there’s still some kinks. Tempted to try this!

jasonleow  •  21 Sept 2022, 8:29 am