Newsletter promotion

therealbrandonwilson  •  9 Jun 2023   •    

In gearing up for the Biohacking Conference that starts in less than two weeks, I decided to up my game in brand awareness and promotion for my newsletter. At the last conference, I wore a T-shirt with the Be Wellthy logo on it. This year, I’m doing the same thing, but I’m also handing out a promotional card. After all, this is THE biohacking conference of the year and is the perfect place to find more subscribers to my newsletter.

I went to Canva to design a postcard promotion. I didn’t like any of the templates, so I started from scratch. I created a postcard with my newsletter logo, bullet points that describe the contents of the newsletter, and a bold offering of a free raffle entry for anyone who subscribes to the newsletter during the conference (June 22-24). To encourage more entries, I’m giving away one biohacking goodie bag for every 50 new subscribers that sign up. I also added a QR code to make it easier for people to go straight to Substack to subscribe. Thanks to Everyone’s Favorite Virus™️, most people understand how to interact with QR codes.

I’m currently at 494 subscribers. According to one of Dave Asprey’s recent Instagram posts, he’s got over 3,000 attendees planning to attend the conference. I should be able to snag at least a couple hundred new subscribers. Maybe I’ll catch fire and double my subscribers and reach my goal of 1,000 subscribers.