One thing a day keeps anxiety at bay

jasonleow  •  18 Sept 2023   •    

If I can do one thing every day, I keep anxiety at bay.

That’s one thing I found helpful when dealing with my grim financial situation right now.

Like another version of 1% compounding.

Apply for one job.
Ask one friend for help.
Tweet about web dev freelancing.
Contact a past client or contact for work.
Send in that one bid for a government project.
Post on LinkedIn about micro-consulting slots.
Launch a new side project to earn some money.
Create an account in a new remote job platform.


Anxiety rises when you feel like a helpless victim and at the mercy of external factors you can’t control. Anxiety dips when you can act in some way to solve the problem. It doesn’t even have to be a huge step. Small acts lead to bigger breakthroughs.

The main thing is about momentum. Keep moving and you might bump into something that can solve your situation. Stay in one place, and you slowly fade and wither.

Direction doesn’t really matter, as long as you keep course-correcting. Above all, the actions, the moving, re-channels the anxious energy into something wholesome and helpful than eating away in your insides.

Just one thing a day, keeps anxiety at bay.


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