Open questions for 2023

jasonleow  •  3 Jan 2023   •    

I first did the open questions writing exercise last year, and enjoyed it. I love how it made me list out all my doubts and uncertainties for the year, and through that, clarified those fuzzy thoughts into something I recognise and can work with. The list was also useful to look back on after a month or a year, and see which ones were inconsequential worries and which ones were important questions to keep in view.

So here goes. My fears and dreams, worries and wishes as open questions for the year ahead:

  • Survival: Will I earn enough, and survive yet another year being indie?
  • Money: Will I hit $5k/m revenue this year? Will abundance return?
  • Travel: Will we get to travel this year? Will we ever return to Bali?
  • Health: Is this the year where I achieve a deep sense of well-being? Will my chronic ailments return? What would it take to feel fit and whole again?
  • Stress: Can I manage my stress levels so that it’s not chronic?
  • Sleep: Will I finally nail my sleep?
  • Family: How do I better juggle family and work with more intention and mindfulness?
  • Products: Will any of my indie products ever get to ramen profitability?

Now, onwards.


We are all human, so it makes sense, but it’s amazing how similar all our struggles are, especially within the maker community.

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macmartine  •  3 Jan 2023, 7:33 am

Yes it’s uncanny. That’s why the maker community is my tribe!

jasonleow  •  3 Jan 2023, 11:18 pm

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