Opportunities in the era of AI

jasonleow  •  17 Mar 2023   •    

If AI is replacing all our jobs, what opportunities should you look for?

High ‘touch’ work, that requires physical skill or human connection – plumbers, farmers, nurses, therapists, social workers.

High tech work, that requires super technical/specialised skill – like building rockets, AI, robotics.

And within a continuum of human employment, avoid the jobs in the middle because the middle is the part that will be hollowed out by AI. The assumption is that many jobs in the middle are easy to automate. If your job—any job—requires just a ChatGPT query to get done then it’s likely to get disrupted. Not 100% of course, but many.

So what does this imply for indie solopreneurs? What opportunities are there for us indies?

  • Work on human relationships. Be authentic in personal branding and marketing. Build trust with customers. Show personality and embrace your weirdness. Provide first class “human-powered” support. Collaborate. Show empathy, be kind. Be helpful, stay nice. Humans still like to interact with other humans – that’s not going to change.
  • Make something that AI can’t easily generate out of the box. The success of a product isn’t just the code or the marketing copy alone. It’s also human creativity in finding a great niche/opportunity. It’s combining technologies in interesting ways. It’s working on hardware, software, wetware together. AI can’t replicate those.

It’s being things AI can’t be that we will stand out.

Be unlike AI.

Be even more utterly human than we are right now.


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