Putting the plan together

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therealbrandonwilson  •  4 Aug 2022   •  

I had my second appointment with the dietician this afternoon. I presented her with the Bulletproof Roadmap of all the foods Dave Asprey recommends as part of the Bulletproof Diet. She signed off on this approach as a general strategy. She did playfully mention a few times that she’s going to have to figure out how to get me to eat my vegetables. Good luck with that one.

My homework between now and the next session is to come up with two meals for lunch and two meals for dinner that comport to the general carb limit of 5-6 carbs (1 carb = 15g) per day. I realized that I was doing things backward. I was buying the ingredients at the grocery store first without having the recipes or plans. Then I was stuck with what to do with everything. I’m switching to a strategy of having the recipes first so that I can make my list and then plan out the week. I have experimented with meal prep, which makes it easier to grab something and microwave it during the week.

Another concept she shared was for me to think about the future Brandon who is at his ideal weight and has maintained normal blood sugar levels for five years. What would he do?