Readings for Fund Feb

jasonleow  •  16 Feb 2021   •  

I’d been researching and asking around for more resources and material to get deeper on learning about money, marketing and monetization for Fund Feb.

Here’s the ones relevant to indie hackers that I’m excited to get into:

Marketing Examples
The marketing lessons here are well-written, to the point, draws from real-world examples and easy to digest. The fact that this is made by another indie hacker makes it all the more relevant. I had read through quite a bit before, but this time, I want to scour through for actual growth hacks I can implement right now.

Indie Hackers Growth Bites
This is a weekly newsletter thing. But it also has it’s own page on the IH forum. The tips and hacks are wide-ranging and interesting, all coming from the solo, bootstrapped founders of IH. I’d been receiving those email newsletters for some time now, but never quite got into them. Time to dig them out and see what I can apply and put into practice.

Growth Examples
A new publication, that also comes with a podcast. Plus points to being Singapore-based and an indie hacker too!

Zero To Sold
A new book by ArvidKahl, and it’s become quite a hit with the maker community. You can read the book entirely online, and if you like it enough, buy in on Amazon. I love that I can audit it first. Only heard good things about it so far, so I can imagine that audit won’t take long.

Make book
A classic by the original nomad influencer, Pieter Levels. I read this some time ago, but now is the time to relook and see if there’s any gems I can use!

Darius Foroux blog
I only just discovered his blog yesterday. This particular one about wealth the Stoic’s way, got me excited. I might be learning about growing money, but I’m also keen to do so within some ethical framework that’s meaningful to my personality, personal history, belief system and values. Stoicism had always fascinated me, so it’ll be interesting to bite into this. It got me thinking…what do the other philosophical schools/religions say about money? Will be keen to read their takes on it, for say, Buddhism, Taoism.

Side Hustle Stack
Not really about marketing or monetization, but it’s a pretty comprehensive platform to find platform-based work. Might come in useful to plug the money gaps to keep the indie hacker journey going. Also love that Li Jin, the creator of this site, coined the term the “Passion Economy” – pretty much how things are going for me, career-wise.

Other resources, communities, podcasts and Clubhouse rooms about marketing
Also looking out for more great content, especially podcasts. Found a few Clubhouse rooms about marketing, will probably check them out if they’re just sleazy scams or the real deal.

Anything else I missed?