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jasonleow  •  9 Aug 2021   •    

So, I made a thing again. For safe distancing rules in Singapore this time.

I realised each time I want to check the latest safe distancing restrictions, I have to google it but end up getting confused by the outdated news articles and past gov press releases.

I know Ministry of Health and does press releases/updates every time, but visually I can’t deal with it being so text-heavy. I was inspired by the nifty, helpful infographics that the local newspapers (Straits Times/Today) churn out every time there’s a rule change, but they don’t host it on a constant ‘one-stop’ each time. I really love the -gowhere website series by Singapore’s technology agency in the government Govtech, but they don’t have a one-stop website for safe distancing measures either.

There just isn’t one constant, easy-to-remember link that I can refer to each time the rules are updated. So in the end, I made one myself.

Currently the site shows rules for 10 Aug onwards.

Honestly, I really made this for myself, but figured that maybe others might have the same problem too.

Hope you like this birthday present, Singapore!

Happy National Day to Singaporeans reading this!

The tech behind the scenes:

Made this the #nocode way, using Carrd. Done in a day - fastest ever MVP for me!

Also used: as source of truth
• Google Translate for translated website versions
• Google Analytics for traffic
• Unsplash for images
• Emoji for graphics


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