Stress is the root

jasonleow  •  21 Nov 2022   •    

Little epiphany today: For the past 10 years since going self-employed, stress had always been the root cause of all my welbeing issues.

Relationship issues? Stress.
Chronic ailments? Stress.
Junk food issues? Stress.
Poor judgement? Stress.
Sleep problems? Stress.
Weight gain? Stress.
Low energy? Stress.
Gut issues? Stress.
Brain fog? Stress.
Injuries? Stress.
Stress? Stress.

Stress within a certain dosage is fine. It’s stress that’s not managed, relieved and let go off that becomes chronic and toxic.

And I’ve been trying to manage all the secondary problems that emerge due to stress, but doing nothing to tackle the root cause which is stress itself. No wonder I feel like I’m constantly threading water and only barely keeping my head above water. I’ve just been playing whack a mole on the symptoms all along!

So what’s the external factors causing of all that unresolved stress?

  • Not enough money, gigs drying up during pandemic
  • New role, new responsibilities as father and provider
  • Not getting the results I want as an indie solopreneur
  • Not exercising, taking breaks, decompressing

Now I know. Many things I can influence and act on. A few things I can’t control and change.

Act accordingly.


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