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haideralmosawi  •  17 Mar 2023   •    

I find it extremely useful to organize my tasks by tool or platform. It gives me a sense of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing when performing each task. This got me thinking: what tools do I need to be familiar with as a creator?

Here are some tools I used recently:

  • Shopify (as my e-commerce platform for online courses, email courses, and coaching sessions)
  • Circle (for a community space and hosting my online courses)
  • Convertkit (for email marketing and email courses)
  • WordPress (for blogging, but mostly as a creative braindump, for now)
  • Zapier (for automations and connecting tools together)
  • Tally (for surveys/onboarding forms)
  • Twitter and Instagram (for distribution)

I’m also looking to use:

  • Savvycal (for bookings. I’ve used Calendly in the past)

I’ve been gathering notes and recommendations for tools I can use, which I need to dive into. But I’m pretty sure there are plenty of tools I can add to my stack and there are many I’m already using that I haven’t listed (Loom for video recording and Camo to use my phone as my web camera come to mind).

What’s your tech stack like?



Carrd for websites
Gumroad/Lemon Squeezy/Payhip for digital downloads
Substack for newsletters
G Sheets for nocode database

jasonleow  •  19 Mar 2023, 12:32 am

I should add Carrd to my stack. Sometimes WordPress is overkill.

I have issues with payment platforms because Kuwaiti bank accounts/currency isn’t supported. I used Substack for a while, but I think I’ll use ConvertKit for my newsletter, when I’m ready for one. I’m still torn between distribution (Substack) and simplifying my tech stack, since ConvertKit is what I use for email courses.

haideralmosawi  •  19 Mar 2023, 11:07 am

Oh yeah haha, I left the WP ecosystem cos of that.

Hmm. Between CK and Substack, since you’re already on CK, I would personally prefer stay there. CK is more complex yes but Substack is really dismal when it comes to email marketing.

jasonleow  •  20 Mar 2023, 7:09 am

@jasonleow Thanks for the confirmation! I needed that nudge 😂

haideralmosawi  •  20 Mar 2023, 2:26 pm