The Dream Team - Part 2

keni  •  15 Sept 2021

Just a few days ago, I shared the fact that I want to build a team to proceed with my business venture. The idea wasn’t new. I just never executed it properly. This time I intend to.

So to build my team, I have reached out to two people as of today. I have worked with both people in the past. As I reached out to them, I wrote out what I hope to do, why I am doing it and what is in it for them.

To recap the main points here:
I am doing this venture to primarily do two things:

  1. If I am meant to live a short life, I have to work on some social good. There are a lot of problems in the world and I have sufficient skills where I can make a difference. I am not going to wait for the ideal time anymore. I am working on my legacy.

  2. I want to take care of my family, friends and loved ones. I want to create something that the people in my life can be proud to be a part of. This is not a non-profit venture. I want to create something of value so no one has to beg for funding. I want to create something that builds me and other people in the process.

If anyone reading this resonates with my why and is interested to join this team, please read this post on what I am lookin for and feel free to reach out with what you want to do.

The team is the first big step I need to execute well. Wish me luck.