The future you worth fighting for

jasonleow  •  17 Sept 2023   •    

I saw this tweet and got inspired to write a version for myself. Anything to feel some of that hope and optimism:

Imagine: It’s ten years from now. You’ve done the hard work, the grind, the blood, sweat and tears, of growing as an indie hacker and entrepreneur. For once, you actually know your sh*t when it comes to coding, marketing, design, SEO, ads. You’ve accomplished past goals and created new ones that were 10x more inspiring, left what didn’t feel right for you, and allowed yourself and your business to grow calmly to fit your lifestyle and life goals. You’re fitter than you ever was, even compared to your 20s. You’re eating well, sleeping well, living well. You finally got to nomad with your family, lived in countries and cities you’ve always wanted to build a home in; you have beautiful family and happy, healthy relationships with your wife, kid(s) and parents. You’re more than financially stable, and starting to have leverage to dream even bigger – acquiring businesses, real estate, investing, all seem possible now. You wonder about building intergenerational wealth. Most importantly, a fresh, home-cooked meal awaits you and your family every evening. A loving, quiet family time completes your day every night. You’re the happiest version of yourself—happier than you had ever dreamt of being.

You made it. Finally.

That’s the you worth fighting for.


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