The goodie box arrived

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therealbrandonwilson  •  22 Jun 2022   •  

It’s always a good day when my quarterly biohacking box arrives. There were no surprises as I had watched Dave’s live unboxing video a week ago Saturday.

There are a few changes to this box. The subscription fee has gone up to $125 from $100, which is the first price increase in the history of the subscription program. I believe it when he says he is just covering the increasing costs associated with curating and sending out boxes like these. He redesigned the box to be more recycle-friendly. He also eliminated the pamphlet that provided details and discount codes for all the items. Instead, there is a small card with a QR code that links to the electronic version of the booklet.

I have my massage this afternoon, and I’m going to ask the masseuse to use the Super Charge Copper Body Brush to perform some dry brushing. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I started reading about it. I am curious to see if I will feel a difference.

I also need to give the organ meat seasoning a taste test, which is still limited due to Everyone’s Favorite Virus™️ even five months later.