The practice of business

jasonleow  •  7 Dec 2022   •    

I’ve always believed I needed a deliberate practice in anything I want to learn or get good at. Don’t just practice for 10,000 hours blindly, but be intentional about what you’re learning and be deliberate about how to improve and iterate.

While I’ve since moved away from deliberate practice as a sufficient formula for any sort of success as an entrepreneur, that’s not to say I don’t need any deliberate practice at all. It’s necessary, just not sufficient.

As an entrepreneur, how do you practice to get better at this entrepreneurship thing? What do you practice?

Cue the hidden benefit of doing a portfolio of small bets. Of chasing having so called shiny objects syndrome.

The more small bets you take, the more practice you get. The more products, services you launch and run, the more boots-on-the-ground experience you get on entrepreneurship. The more pivots you do for each product and business, the better you get at entrepreneurship

That’s why 2nd or 3rd time founders are looked upon differently from 1st time founders.

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re in the business of starting and running businesses. That’s your practice.

And practice makes perfect.