Try again > try harder > try something else

jasonleow  •  20 Jul 2021

Lately I’d been feeling a bit lost and stuck about what to do with Lifelog’s marketing.

I’m going through the motions of organic engagement on Twitter, posting at least a tweet everyday, on the Lifelog account and on my personal account.

But is it working? I don’t know.
Should I try something different? Maybe.

What I know for sure?
I got to do better. But how?

There are only 3 strategies…
• Try again
• Try harder
• Try something else
~ @julia_saxena via @joshskaja

I don’t know why but this tweet came at just the right moment. So simple it’s mindblowing (to me). And it’s almost like a checklist for solving any challenge.

• If something doesn’t work, try again. Maybe I posted at the wrong time. Maybe it’s some other reason. To get more accurate real-world data, you need some have some volume to go by. Try and try again, collect data, and then assess.

• If trying again still doesn’t work, try harder. Don’t just put in the same amount of time or effort as trying again. Up the quantity and quality by 10x. Instead of putting in a $10 hour, put in a $10k hour, in terms of quality. See if that changes anything. The problem could be a quantity and/or quality problem.

• If trying harder in quantity and quality still doesn’t work, *try something else. Maybe the activity just isn’t effective at solving that problem. There’s many roads to Rome, some faster than others. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the same results, Einstein said. Experiment, try many different approaches.

This really helps in clarifying my thinking, and making my approach to marketing for Lifelog a bit more methodical. I don’t think I’m at the stage of trying something else yet. Need more data. Let’s start from the top of the list, and go down in sequence.

Try again > try harder > try something else