Usher's hips were on a swivel

therealbrandonwilson  •  12 Feb 2024   •    

After a few years of not paying attention, I decided to watch the Super Bowl today. It didn't require any extra hoops and hurdles since I am able to watch with my Paramount+ subscription. I have no vested interest in the teams or the spectacle, but I suppose I wanted to plug into some of the communal energy. The game itself has been rather boring. The first quarter ended with the score 0-0. That's the problem when both teams have strong defense. There were a couple of commercials that elicited mild chuckles. 

The halftime show just finished. I think I recognized maybe two songs from the setlist. Usher's hips were on a swivel, and he had some impressive moves while on roller skates. At least he's keeping himself in shape better than 50 Cent. I didn't recognize all of his co-performers, but they are probably all non-names anyway. Overall, I expected more energy from the performance. He had too many snoozers.

I guess I'll finish the second half in the spirit of completeness. Maybe the game will become more interesting as it draws to a close. I'm crossing my fingers that I can avoid any sight of Taylor Swift. One can dream.



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