Walking in the sun

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haideralmosawi  •  13 Oct 2021

I was initially plan to sit under the sun during sunrise and sunset, but I found myself too energetic to just sit there, especially if I wanted to extend my sun exposure. I’ve been walking around my rooftop for over 30mins a day and it feels great. I’m more energetic and optimistic.

I think I’ve developed an addiction to sun exposure. I want to spend more time under the sun and feel agitated when I’m indoors. But there’s a lot I need to get done in doors, especially since I don’t want my laptop to blow up in my face. 🤣

One habit I recently added to my walk is to record private videos of myself talking to the camera, so I can get more comfortable recording videos. I had this habit in early 2020, which allowed me to publish Instagram/IGTV videos a lot more comfortably.

I noticed that walking in circles can feel annoying/disorienting for anyone watching the video so when I start to publish my videos I will need to be recording them while sitting/standing in one place or walking in a straight line. I might replace the rooftop walk with a walk in the neighborhood to make it more enjoyable to view.

What habits are YOU working on?