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jasonleow  •  16 Sept 2023   •    

I just renewed the domain for the nth time.

It used to be a live project, but it’s been shut it down for many years already. Guess what: it was the precursor to Lifelog! I wanted it to show a grid of the famous your life in weeks by Tim Urban @waitbutwhy, with the grid populated by our daily writings. I built it using Ruby on Rails, the very first stack I learned. I managed to get a rudimentary web app out that does basic CRUD tasks like posting writings, commenting, showing a feed. But I never got past that stage because I couldn’t figure out how to calculate streaks. There were no Ruby gem packages that could help me back then (or maybe I just didn’t know how to, being a code noob). So it died off after a while.

It was late 2019. Fun times.

Then a year later, after learning Vue.js and finally getting that lightbulb moment for coding, I dusted off the project and started again using Vue, Nuxt and Strapi. Looking back, it made me treasure more of what we have built up here on Lifelog. Not just me as the maker and founder, but all of us as writers. We’ve written sooo much! Some of us are hitting 1000 days streak soon.

Soon, I would be able to build the life in weeks grid as I aspired to back then, here on Lifelog.

But back to the domain. Since renewing it, I wondered if I could build something new, something different with it.

What do you think would be a great idea to build on this domain?

Crazy ideas welcomed 😆


How about an app where you define a starting month and ending month of a project, and AI fills in a month-by-month description of what you need to do each month to get to that ending point? Example from ChatGPT. The user can then edit those monthly plans, ask the AI to expand a month into multiple months (pushing the end date later), or combine months together (pulling the end date forward.)

Winkletter  •  16 Sept 2023, 10:31 pm

Cool idea. Interestingly, I just saw something similar implemented in a todo app LlamaLife, using AI to help break down tasks -

I actually want something like that in the set-goals page of Lifelog actually!

jasonleow  •  17 Sept 2023, 3:08 am

An AI approach to achieving goals by breaking them into time-segmented tasks sounds promising.

therealbrandonwilson  •  18 Sept 2023, 8:32 pm

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