2023 in 8 forms of capital

jasonleow  •  2 Jan 2023   •    

I learned a lot about how to set better intentions from last year’s review in 8 forms of capital. So how will 2023 looks like?

What capital do I want to grow in this year? And how?

I want to see if I can…

💵 Financial:
Hit $5k/m, any which way.

  • Continue with my goal of hitting at least $5k/m from my portfolio of products and services. I was about 60-70% there last year… close.
  • No more main project or MRR obsession. The aim is to hit $5k any which way, from whatever project or work, product or service. To thrive I have to first survive. I can think about thriving after hitting $5k/m.

⚒️ Material:
Invest high ROI assets for health and productivity.

  • Anytime I invested in sleep biohacking gear, my sleep gets better (even if incrementally). The ROI is usually high, so more in that area.
  • Update on tech hardware as most are dated – I got an iPhone SE 2020, iPad mini 2 2013, Macbook Pro 2015. Some apps are no longer working on my devices – FCP, iMovie on MBP, iPad apps like Google Drive.
  • More domaining for my products, e.g. getting domains where people are likely to type typos. (Side question: Are digital assets considered material capital? 🤔)

🌡 Living:
Sleep well, stress less, move more.

  • My living capital aka health goals summed up in 3 words – sleep, stress, fitness.
  • I’ve been working on my sleep for 2 years now. There’s ups and downs, but I really wish to nail it and get consistent 80-90% sleep scores this year. That involves nailing my sleep fundamentals and habit systems, even on busy project days.
  • The biggest health-related epiphany las year was realising that stress is the root cause of many of my chronic ailments. That’s why I set a new goal in Oct last year to biohack my stress. More work to be done in this area!
  • I’m not letting myself off for failing to get more exercise last year. Fit AF continues, but the big question is: How can I do this even on my worst days? How do I set up habit systems where I can’t fail?

💡 Intellectual:
Power up on marketing.

  • I’ve learned a lot about how to do active marketing on social media over the past 2 years. It’s hard work to keep the flywheel spinning, but I’ve done it. But how about other, more ‘passive’ ways of marketing? I got to learn to do this if I want my indie products to succeed.
  • Learn how to do the more ‘passive’ types of marketing. Ads? SEO? Affiliates?
  • Launch a new type of product that I’ve never launched before. Ebook? Course?

💪 Experiential:
Acting fast on opportunity.

  • Being able to sense and act fast on opportunity is a skill that one can get better at through practice and experience. Continue to practice and learn how to act fast on opportunity.
  • Also to learn being real
  • Gain more practice as a founder by launching new products through the year. Every new thing teaches me something that I can use for my existing or future products.

👥 Social:
More LinkedIn conversations.

  • I only started being serious on LinkedIn on April this year, yet the ROI from LinkedIn had been surprising. I got a few opportunities which made all the difference to my financial survival. So I’m doubling down on connecting more on LinkedIn.
  • Also to connect with more local designers.
  • Making friends and building relationships on Twitter continues.

🎨 Cultural:
Travel with a toddler.

  • A new challenge of traveling to new countries and cultures with a toddler. Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia are possibilities.
  • Stretch goal is to go live in Bali for 2-4 weeks with toddler, and have grandparents join us part-way too.

⛩️ Spiritual:
Stress biohacking through mindfulness.

  • I only had a handful of rare moments last year where I felt present and mindful, when I worked with intention, clarity and a calmness that felt really enjoyable. The rest of the time I felt distracted, stressed, and scattered, running around like a headless chicken. I want more of the former in 2023 than the latter.

Onwards to 2023!


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